How to Get Started

Getting Prepared (Game download/install/login/play)

  • 1.1 How to download and install the game client?

    Go to and click on “Download Now”.  You will immediately see a pop-up window like below:

    a. Once you click the Download button, please click on “Run” button.
    Online Casino Download

    b. After installation, double-click the Casino icon on your desktop to start playing online casino games!

  • 1.2 What is instant play?

    Instant play means that player is not required to download the game client before playing games.  Just simply click on “instant play” and player will immediately be linked to our game login page, but for high game quality purpose we strongly recommend player to use download version.

  • 1.3 How to login to the game client?

    Just simply key in your Username (capital letter) and Password (case sensitive), and click “Login”.  If you encounter any problem while logging in, please refer to FAQ or ask your agent for assistance.

  • 1.4 How do I enjoy the game play to fullest? What if I encounter a game problem?

    Once a player logs in to our game client, he can enjoy not only one game, but as many as 4 or 5 games at the same time.  For instance, while you are betting on Live Baccarat, you may also play Live Roulette, Slot Games, Progressive Games, etc.  But we suggest that you just open 3 to 5 game windows at a time in order to ensure that you‘ll have a good game play quality.  In case that you encounter a game disconnection or other issues, please contact your agent right away.

Getting Started (Get a member account/fund credit/settlement)

  • 2.1 How do I get a member account from agent?

    Normally, your agent will send you free account details including Username & Password.  In case of losing or forgetting your account details, you must immediately report to your agent for security purposes.

  • 2.2 How do I fund my account balance or collect my winnings?

    Please contact your agent for assistance.